Tuesday, 15 May 2018


Incorporating hardwood floors into your house is a fantastic addition and it can completely transform any place -- from halls to kitchens and even bathrooms. However, it is important to take the ideal care and maintenance to ensure your stunning hardwood floor remains in top condition throughout the seasons, also in summertime.


As the old saying goes "prevention is far better than the cure" and this is certainly true for hardwood flooring and the warmer months isn't any exclusion. Taking the right preventative methods from the outset will help maintain your flooring for longer, whether you've got beautiful Walnut Wood Flooring or a mild birch.

With this in mind, constantly avoid walking on wood floors with damaged heels or spiked shoes. Furthermore summer time, with more time spent outside there is an increased quantity of dust, dirt and sand coming into your home that can scratch the surface of timber floors, therefore remove shoes and place rugs in heavy footfall regions to collect the dust.

This might have you itching to wet mop the floor, but that isn't mandatory and you should not use harsh cleansers, in particular those which contain citrus and tung oil -- rather utilize a micro-fibre brush or vacuum to remove the contaminants.

Also, if have some spills or accidents within your hardwood floor, ensure they are wiped immediately to avoid excess moisture seeping into the timber or staining.
If you are households with pets, it is a good idea to keep pets nails trimmed to avoid scratching the surface of the wood as well.


With warmer weather, summer is a fantastic time to perform maintenance on your own hardwood flooring. This might be just a case of trimming down small worn locations and re-applying a
protective coating of sealant or varnish.

However, in some instances, a complete restoration is essential, in which case seeking expert advice is recommended.

At FLOOR SANDING MOOR PARK we supply an excellent re-sanding and recovery support, using tried and tested techniques to restore hardwood floor to its former glory!

Another option is to invest in a brand-new hardwood flooring to give your home a totally new look and with so much variety on offer, you're guaranteed to find the appropriate color, style and material to satisfy your own requirements.

With a wealth of expertise in both supply , we make sure any job we undertake is carried out with absolute professionalism from start to finish. To learn more, don't hesitate to get in contact with the experienced FLOOR SANDING MOOR PARK team.